You can find all your metrics and KPIs within the Metrics section

Metrics section nexoya
Metrics section in nexoya

You can easily find a specific metric that you are looking for, by applying filters available on the search panel.

The “Search all” button enables the search to go beyond the totals, and display metrics from individual posts, email campaigns, ads, etc. Make sure you have activated it.

You can filter metrics by source (various channels that were connected to the tool) and type (a specific type of metrics). 

You can easily extend the displayed results by clicking on the three dots sign at the bottom of the screen.

Get more insights about the concrete metric by clicking on it. 

As soon as you have selected at least one metric the options “Create report” and “Compare” become visible.

How to compare metrics?

  1. Select the metrics you want to compare
  2. Chose “Compare” by navigating to the “scale” button
  3. Define the date range
  4. Add more metrics if necessary
  5. Create a report if necessary 
Compare metrics
Metrics comparison with nexoya

Now you can easily compare any metrics you want.

How to create a KPI Report?

  1. Select the metrics you want to display in your report
  2. Chose “Create report” by clicking on the “+” button
  3. Name your report and add a short description if necessary
  4. Define the date range for your report – this can be changed at any point in time
  5. Click “Create report” to finish the process

After the report is created you can easily export it as pdf or csv if necessary.

Reporting with nexoya

You can find all the reports you created in the Reports section.

Check out our short explanation video! 🙂

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