Integrating your marketing tools into Nexoya is simple. However, in order for the integration to work seamlessly, there are a few general requirements to be aware of.

General Prerequisites

  • If you have ad-blockers enabled, please ensure you whitelist and (or simply
  • Most browsers support Nexoya, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari
  • Ensure you enable pop-ups – as you connect the tools, a pop-up with access requirements will appear
  • Ensure your firewall provider has and (or simply whitelisted, as this may otherwise block access

Permissions Needed

For Google Ads, the following permissions will be required by Nexoya: 

  • Manage your Adwords campaigns 

For Google Analytics, the Nexoya app requires the following permissions: 

  • See and download your Google Analytics data

How to remove the Nexoya app

To remove the Nexoya app from Google, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go into your Google Account (

  2. Click into Data & Privacy

  3. Scroll down to ‘Data from apps and services you use’

  4. Click ‘Third-party apps with account access’

  5. Find the Nexoya marketing analytics app and click through

  6. Click remove access

If you have any issues or questions, please contact

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