A Call to Action (CTA) leads a person to the next logical step in the whole user journey and therefore moves the person further down the funnel.

The CTA Rate is the ratio between the amount of users who actually click the CTA button (CTA Clicks) and the amount of users who see it but don’t click it.

Formula for the calculation of the CTA Rate
Formula for CTA Rate

Related Expressions are CTA clicks, CTA Video Clicks and the Click through Rate (CTR).

Reasons to track CTA Rate

Tracking CTA Rates allows you to specifically identify the weaknesses and strengths of your marketing funnel. It is of utmost importance to track these metrics very closely to find out where you have room for improvement. Furthermore CTA buttons allow you to do A/B Testing. So you can choose different versions of CTA buttons (e.g. in wording, colour & placement)  and adjust their performance accordingly to their CTA rate, sometimes also called “Conversion Rate”.

Common variations of the term CTA Rate

CTA ClicksCTA Clicks show the number of times users have clicked on a CTA button.Hubspot
Video CTA ClicksVideo CTA Clicks show the number of times users have clicked on a CTA button before, during or after a video was shown.Twitter
Click through Rate (CTR)The CTR is a more general term. It describes the ratio between the people who actually click on a link, website or button and the people who see a button, website or link.Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter

How can the CTA Rate help you to become more data-driven?

CTA Rates can give you a lot of insight into the way your target audience interacts with your ads. Combine the insights from CTAs together with the demographics of your target audience and you can further specify which audience you want to communicate to. 

Furthermore, you can look at the user journey on your website. If you look at the session duration, the amount of page views combined with the CTA Rate you can identify even more useful correlations which show you the detailed behaviour of your target audience.

Nexoya Pro Tip: Use tools such as Google Analytics Goals to track your “Call to actions” on your website easily.

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