How much money are you ready to shift when optimizing your campaigns?  

Risk level configuration enables you to set up a limit on how much money you allow Nexoya to move across your campaigns.

In other words, risk level defines the budget limit that Nexoya can reallocate across your campaigns during the optimization round (1 week). 

You can choose amongst the following three options: 

  1. Conservative: allows Nexoya to reallocate up to 20% of your budget. 
  2. Moderate: allows Nexoya to reallocate up to 50% of your budget.
  3. Aggressive: allows Nexoya to reallocate up to 100% of your budget.

Of course, the riskier the strategy you chose, the more you can gain. 

However, keep in mind that more aggressive strategies imply higher risk due to the budget volume. 

Risk level feature update

Not sure which strategy you want to pursue? No worries! You can try out all of them!

You can always restart your settings for the next optimization. 

That means that each week you can apply various strategies.

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