Press release: New feature: “nexoya Campaign Optimization” optimizes multi-channel campaigns

Artificial intelligence manages the use of budgets in complex digital marketing campaigns

Zurich and Berlin, November 26th, 2020 – Managing multi-channel marketing campaigns is complex and time-consuming. Users of the “nexoya Marketing Analytics” platform now receive concrete suggestions on how they can optimally control their digital campaigns and the budgets used for them. This is because the new “Campaign Optimization” feature from the SaaS start-up nexoya optimizes marketing campaigns on the basis of machine learning and artificial intelligence. At the click of a mouse, the platform performs weekly cross-channel analysis and creates a detailed budget proposal for the coming week. After a successful test phase, nexoya has now activated the automated campaign optimization for all users of its platform:

In digital marketing, campaigns often run across many channels simultaneously. These include Google Ads and Google Search Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads and Display Ads. Such multi-channel campaigns place high demands on the responsible marketing teams. This is because managing the activities is complex and it is difficult to maintain an overview, compare the results of the individual channels, and use the budgets efficiently.

Automatically optimized campaigns

“nexoya Marketing Analytics” has already been bundling all organic and paid marketing metrics as well as third-party data on weather or exchange rates in one platform for its customers for two years. In this way, marketing managers can evaluate and compare the performance of individual campaigns and assets at the click of a mouse. With the activation of automated optimization of ongoing campaigns, AI algorithms now provide concrete suggestions for cross-channel budget allocation. The suggestions include recommendations on how to ideally allocate the respective budget for a defined period – such as the coming week. The platform allocates the optimal future budgets to the individual campaigns and provides transparent and detailed reporting on a weekly basis.

“In the new role, we combine our many years of experience in predictive analytics with the customer need for an overarching and transparent optimization of digital campaigns in marketing,” says Manuel Dietrich, Co-Founder and CEO, nexoya.

Individual AI models distribute the budgets

If a marketing team defines its first multi-channel campaign on “nexoya Marketing Analytics”, the platform reads all historical data of this campaign and starts analyzing it. In the next step, the platform creates an individual AI model based on this historical data and the configuration the user has made for

his campaign – such as the future budget or the selected risk level. Using this model, nexoya’s solution can predict the future outcome of the different campaigns and ads. It is selected to use the best prediction for each metric, such as expected website conversions, thousand-contact price, CPM, or pay-per-click, CPC, for entire campaigns and for each individual ad. Finally, from the predicted values, the AI algorithms determine the best possible distribution of the budget across all campaigns, ad sets, or ad ads assigned to a specific cross-channel campaign.

“You don’t get an increase in clicks of more than 30 percent just like that – especially not with complex campaigns that run across many different channels. With nexoya’s platform, we have already achieved such results after a short time. In addition, we get exciting insights into our campaigns and activities. For example, we can provide our managers with an easy-to-understand and automatically updated marketing report for each department,” says Milos Radovic, Lead Marketing Strategy B2B, Swisscom.

Nexoya Webinar

New Campaign Optimization Feature and How it Works 15.12.2020 at 11:00 AM

  • Missed potentials in cross-channel campaigns
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About nexoya
The startup Nexoya ltd with the headquarter in Zürich, is since 2018 developing a platform for automatic analysis for digital marketing of mid-to large size corporates – with high usability and high data privacy focus. On the basis of Machine Learning, the SaaS Platform “nexoya Marketing Analytics” optimizes multi-channel marketing campaigns. It aggregates all relevant metrics out of various channels such as google, instagram or facebook, allowing you to have well-arranged reporting and monitoring of your KPIs. On the basis of the gathered data and thanks to Artificial Intelligence (Predictive Analytics) nexoya optimizes your campaign budget thereafter. With that it helps Marketing teams to reduce their operational efforts, simplify automated data-driven decisions and reduce your ad-spend by up to 30%. Nexoya is only gathering non personalized data and is hosting strictly in certified datacenters in Switzerland. Customers are well-known businesses such as Emmi Group, Generali, CSS or the house agency.

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