Press release: 1.3 million euro investment: Nexoya expands to Germany

The AI marketing startup from Zurich is using the fresh capital for its growth in Europe. Starting this summer, Nexoya will serve German customers with a GmbH on site.

Zurich and Berlin, 18. Mai 2021 – Startup nexoya Ltd. closed a €1.3 million investment round earlier this year. Led by Swiss lead investor Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer, President of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC), eleven existing investors participated in the financing, including Micha Kiener and Matthias Oswald. The Zürcher Kantonalbank is a new participant. nexoya is setting new standards in the field of AI-based marketing analysis, according to the investors. The founders Manuel Dietrich and Marco Hochstrasser will invest the fresh capital in growth in the European market. The expansion will start with the foundation of a GmbH in Germany as a subsidiary of nexoya AG. The SaaS platform “nexoya Marketing Analytics” has been optimizing marketing campaigns based on machine learning and artificial intelligence since 2018. Simultaneously, the need for efficient solutions in this area keeps growing, as cost pressures brought on by the pandemic are leading many companies to manage their digital marketing in-house.

 “In the last few months, we have successfully launched our product ‘nexoya Marketing Analytics’ in the Swiss market. Now we are ready for the next steps. Thanks to the new investment, we can tackle the expansion faster and quickly establish ourselves in the German market,” says Manuel Dietrich, CEO and Co-Founder, nexoya. 

“With its AI-driven marketing analytics platform, nexoya brings a holistic view into campaign management and helps marketers to improve their return-on-ad-spend significantly. After a great success in the swiss market, we see exciting opportunities to grow and expand to new regions and want to speed up this process with this investment,” says Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer, Lead Investor and President Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC).

“nexoya was able to show that sophisticated AI models can directly impact marketers’ everyday life and the efficiency of the ROI of marketing teams. This technology is setting new standards in the marketing analytics market, and expanding to Germany will allow an even faster adoption,” says Micha Kiener, Board Member at nexoya and CTO at flowable. 

Individual AI models distribute budgets 

With the Campaign Optimization feature, available since November 2020, nexoya’s solution provides the answer to a challenge currently faced by many marketing departments: nexoya enables the move away from budget planning focused on individual channels, which is non-transparent, towards dynamic and agile campaign adaptation. “Managing multi-channel marketing campaigns is complex and time-consuming. Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, users of our nexoya Marketing Analytics platform receive concrete suggestions for optimally managing their digital campaigns and the budgets used for them. At the click of a mouse, our platform performs a weekly cross-channel analysis and creates a detailed budget proposal for the coming week,” explains Marco Hochstrasser, CTO and Co-Founder, nexoya. 

Pandemic increases demand for in-house solutions 

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating digitization. Many touchpoints in the public space are falling away. As a result, digital marketing campaigns are becoming more critical. In addition, due to economic uncertainties or even revenue declines, marketing budgets are under pressure in many companies.

“We see that marketing managers are terminating agency contracts and bringing marketing activities back in-house. Marketing is thus facing major organizational challenges. Teams today are simultaneously running ads across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, and more. They need a solution to effectively evaluate and manage their digital campaigns with a growing number of channels and platforms,” says Marco Hochstrasser. 

About nexoya
The startup Nexoya ltd with the headquarter in Zürich, is since 2018 developing a platform for automatic analysis for digital marketing of mid-to large size corporates – with high usability and high data privacy focus. On the basis of Machine Learning, the SaaS Platform “nexoya Marketing Analytics” optimizes multi-channel marketing campaigns. It aggregates all relevant metrics out of various channels such as google, instagram or facebook, allowing you to have well-arranged reporting and monitoring of your KPIs. On the basis of the gathered data and thanks to Artificial Intelligence (Predictive Analytics) nexoya optimizes your campaign budget thereafter. With that it helps Marketing teams to reduce their operational efforts, simplify automated data-driven decisions and reduce your ad-spend by up to 30%. Nexoya is only gathering non personalized data and is hosting strictly in certified datacenters in Switzerland. Customers are well-known businesses such as Emmi Group, Generali, CSS or the house agency.

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Sabrina Ortmann, nexoya
Phone: +49 (0)30 54909240

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