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Nexoya integrates Google Analytics 4 for campaign optimization

For automated optimization of digital campaigns, the AI-based marketing analytics platform now processes data from the newest Google Analytics version

Zurich and Berlin, March 22, 2023 – Nexoya announces integration with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Google Universal Analytics (UA) will no longer process data as of July 1, 2023. Nexoya’s integration will allow users to connect their Google Analytics 4 accounts to the Nexoya platform. This way, they will continue to have all analytics data in one place and optimize based on conversion. Linking the platform with Nexoya’s solution offers advertisers new opportunities for their digital marketing: Nexoya automates and optimizes advertising budgets for online marketing across channels. For this purpose, Nexoya integrates tools for digital marketing and connects them with its “nexoya Marketing Analytics” solution.

Google Universal Analytics is making way for a new standard: Google Analytics 4. The new Analytics generation enables advertisers to collect event-based data from websites and apps. According to Google, its predecessor UA will no longer process data for users of the free version as of July 1, 2023. For most advertisers, a migration to GA4 is, therefore, inevitable. Thanks to Nexoya’s integration with GA4, users can connect their Google accounts to the Nexoya platform and continuously optimize their accounts with events from Google Analytics across channels. They can incorporate analytics data into their optimization, track the performance of their goals, and get a holistic view of the overall performance of their digital marketing campaigns.

Nexoya’s SaaS solution is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform predicts the future performance of campaigns, detects irregularities, and thus enables users to achieve up to 30 percent more conversions. Thanks to the new integration, Nexoya’s AI will have additional data to work with, especially low-funnel conversion data. This will make campaigns even more effective.

Hanspeter Schielly, Senior Director Channel Marketing at Kardex Holding AG, has been using Nexoya to monitor his marketing performance for three years. He very much welcomes the integration with GA4: “We understand that the switch to GA4 is inevitable. And we are glad that Nexoya includes the new version of Google Analytics in its budget optimization. This allows us to continue monitoring our analytics data without interruption.”

Nexoya delivers data-driven marketing insights

Marco Hochstrasser, co-founder and CEO of Nexoya, explains: “Nexoya analyzes data from the various marketing platforms of our customers from the advertising platform to the web analytics solution, to the internal CRM and thus creates transparency in digital marketing. The AI technology of our platform decides with predictions how to allocate budget in the future so that the marketing budgets are used optimally. In short, our solution individually determines the most promising use of advertising budgets in each case. After an intensive test phase, we now also take Google Analytics 4 into account, in addition to numerous other channels. The activation process is very easy to carry out. Our users can, therefore, immediately gain data-supported marketing insights.”

In addition to common web analytics tools, paid ads platforms, and social media channels, Nexoya takes into account systems from the CRM/inbound and e-commerce sectors such as Salesforce or Pipedrive, the SAP Marketing Cloud or GoToWebinar, as well as the mobile app stores for Apple and Android. Additionally, Nexoya implements weather data and current exchange rates to provide even more accurate campaign performance predictions. The Nexoya team is continuously adding new channels to its integrations to always provide its users with the best possible optimization of their budgets. Most recently, Nexoya integrated the social media platform Pinterest and the ad platforms Taboola and MediaMath.

All currently available Nexoya integrations:  

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GA4 in Nexoya integration screen

Nexoya integrates tools for digital marketing and connects them with its solution “nexoya Marketing Analytics” (Graphic: Nexoya)

GA4 available in Nexoya

As of now, the platform also analyzes data from the next generation of Google Analytics (Graphic: Nexoya)

About Nexoya

The start-up Nexoya Ltd., based in Zurich and Berlin, has been implementing automated analyses for the digital marketing of medium-sized and large companies since 2018 – in a user-friendly manner and in compliance with data protection laws. Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, the SaaS platform “nexoya Marketing Analytics” optimizes multi-channel marketing campaigns: For this purpose, the solution aggregates key figures from different channels such as Google Ads, Instagram or Facebook, presents them clearly and takes over the monitoring of the key figures. Based on the collected data and using artificial intelligence (predictive analytics), Nexoya then optimizes the campaign budgets. The solution relieves marketing teams of routine operational tasks, simplifies automated data-driven decisions and reduces marketing costs by up to 30 percent. Nexoya only collects non-personalized data that resides in certified Swiss data centers. Customers include well-known companies such as Generali, Yuh, Magix, Sunrise, or Kardex. 

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