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Simulate your marketing impact with the power of AI

Stop guessing, start simulating

Wonder what happens if you reduce your ad spend by 10% next month? Or how much do you need to spend to reach a CPL of $100? We can tell you.

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We Know How Challenging It Can Be

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Burdensome Budget Planning

Today’s marketing budget planning often relies on guesswork and numerous spreadsheets, making it error-prone

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Answering Critical questions

It’s often difficult to address vital questions like, “What happens if we add $50K?” or “What is needed to reach a certain CPL?

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Limited Cross-Channel Tools

Existing tools only allow for simulations within individual channels, lacking a comprehensive cross-channel perspective.

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Communication of Scenario Impacts

It’s challenging to clearly communicate the impacts of various budget scenarios within the organization.

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Lacking transparency & incomplete data

Marketers often lack the full transparency in their data, making it hard to gain valuable insights and become truly data-driven.

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Time-consuming processes

Budget planning often demands extensive data analysis and coordination within the organization, making it a lengthy process.

Feels Like Cheating: AI-Driven Scenario Simulation for Unmatched Marketing Success

Nexoya testimonials

What our users say about Nexoya

We are excited to see the first results of our customers! And that’s just the beginning

  • jacopo-maraffino-dentsu-benetton

    Jacopo Maraffino

    Digital Leader at Dentsu Italy


    “Simulating multiple scenarios has significantly transformed our planning. Nexoya has made budget planning a breeze, enhanced our data understanding, and supported data-driven decision-making, saving us valuable time for strategic tasks.”

  • mike-egbert-douglas-2

    Mike Egbert

    Teamlead Digital Marketing Management at Douglas


    “Scenario simulation is a breakthrough in planning for performance marketing! The ability to model multiple business scenarios with a single click and visualize the impact of budget changes, is incredible. I can’t wait to see it in action.”

  • jason-berglas-flaschenpost

    Jason Berglas

    Growth Hacker at Flaschenpost


    “With Nexoya’s scenario simulation, we have gained valuable insights into the cost-to-revenue ratio across all channels, enabling us to answer critical business questions with ease. It’s like a cheat sheet for marketing success.“

  • nathalie-huber-bike-components

    Nathalie Huber

    Performance Marketing Manager at Bike components


    “Nexoya’s Scenario Simulation enabled us to explore various budgeting scenarios effortlessly. By clearly understanding potential revenue outcomes, we could strategically advocate for more flexible budgeting.”

  • mike-fuhrmann-generali

    Mike Fuhrmann Generali

    Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Generali Switzerland


    “72% more conversions thanks to Nexoya’s artificial intelligence in just three months, that’s astonishing! This is just the beginning. We are looking forward to our next optimization round with Nexoya! Next time we are planning to achieve even more!”

  • sonia-milici-yuh

    Sonia Milici

    Head of marketing and sales at Yuh


    “I love the tool’s user experience and the one-click rebalancing of budgets for higher performance. It allows me to spend more time on key brand messages and other strategic aspects of my work. We are on track to meet our performance target quickly with Nexoya, we have already achieved up to +62% more sign-ups. We look forward to optimising further with Nexoya next year.”

  • florian-laudahn-1024x1024

    Florian Laudahn

    CMO at Farmy


    “We searched for a way to move from a static budget planning into a dynamic & data-driven approach – taking away our cognitive load on what channel is more important and smartly move it to the right spot. With Nexoya we saw exactly this potential. More than 90% conversion in some regions definitely surprised me in a very positive way.”

  • markus-wenta-2

    Markus Wenta

    Director Customer Acquisition & Analytics at Magix


    “Within the first six weeks of the first contract period, revenue on the relevant Bing campaigns increased by 315% while the Cost Income Ratio (CIR) improved by 154%. At the same time, total revenue from both Google and Bing campaigns increased by 83%.”

We are excited to see the first results of our customers! And that’s just the beginning

What is Scenario Simulation

Nexoya’s Scenario Simulation allows you to simulate multiple business scenarios and gain deep insights into your budget and performance targets. By leveraging AI, you can visualize various outcomes and choose the optimal path for achieving your goals.

Key Benefits for Your Business

Nexoya’s Scenario Simulation provides a multitude of benefits, transforming the way you do marketing budget planning

Easily Find Answers

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Gain clarity and make informed decisions with ease:


Diminishing Return Curve for your complete advertising portfolio: Easily determine the saturation effect for all your ad sets and campaigns across 30+ channels


Performance Impact Analysis: Understand the impact of a +/-10% budget change on your marketing performance


Lead Generation Forecasting: Determine how to achieve specific targets, such as generating 5,000 leads next month with trends and seasonality calculated.

How it works

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    Create New Simulation

    Start with just a few clicks. Define the preferred time and budget range.

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    AI-Based Analysis

    Nexoya’s AI algorithms analyze all your data across connected channels, including specific data patterns and seasonality fluctuations.

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    Deep insights

    Get detailed insights into performance metrics and correlations.

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    Compare Scenarios

    Effortlessly compare and communicate scenario impacts to your team.

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    Apply Best Scenario

    Automatically allocate budgets across all channels according to the chosen scenario.

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