For campaigns with a target bidding strategy set in place, Nexoya will propose to update targets based on the budget moves, but also on the achieved targets from the past period.

The feature is currently available for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads for the bidding strategies Target ROAS and Target CPA. 

Why does Nexoya propose to change the Target?

Since target bidding strategies do not consider it a priority to spend the whole budget but rather meet a specific target, it is important to adjust the target. If you would like to give a campaign more flexibility or restrict the campaign more. Simply adjusting the budget may cause underperformance of a particular campaign if the target does not agree with the budget. 

Do I have to accept both the budget proposal and target proposal?
You have the option to only apply the targets and leave the budget unrestricted. Make sure your budget is not set too low, so the target is the determining factor. If you see the proposed budget is below the budget set up on Google Ads or Microsoft Ads, please adjust it upward. 

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