Click Rate indicates the ratio between clicks and total impressions. In other words, it is the percentage of impressions that resulted in users clicking on any tracked link. It is sometimes called in short CR (Click Rate).


click rate formula
Formula for the Calculation of the Click Rate

The click rate can be found on various channels such as adunit, Adition, MailXpert, Google Ads or Mailchimp.

Reason to track Click Rate

Tracking Click Rate helps you to understand how effective your campaign is: how attractive and relevant was your messaging, design, and targeting of the assets to attract customers to click on it. 

Let us have a look at how different platforms calculate Click Rate.

Click Rate on Mailchimp

The Click Rate is a percentage that indicates a number of delivered emails registered at least one click.

Click Rate Formula for Mailchimp
Click Rate Formula for Mailchimp

Click Rate on Google Ads

The click Rate – number of impressions that resulted in clicks on any tracked link in your ads.

Click Rate Formula for Google Ads
Click Rate Formula for Google Ads

Common variations of Click Rate

Opening Click RateIndicates how many of users who opened the email clicked on a link.MailXpert
Receiving Click RateIndicates how many of users who received the email clicked on a link.MailXpert

How can tracking the Click Rate help you to become more data-driven?

A low Click Rate can imply that your ad is not performing as expected. You might need to consider changing your campaign and modify your content, design or targeting. 

In the case of email marketing, you cannot change anything after the email is sent. However, you can analyze the Click Rate of different email campaigns and get an idea about what content or email format your user found the most attractive and make conclusions on how to improve future campaigns.

Nexoya Pro Tip: It is important to understand that depending on the industry and especially your user base the average Click Rate can vary. You should have an understanding of what percentage is considered normal for your industry – but more relevant is that you take your existing Click Rate and try to improve it with the learnings. Industry averages can be a misleading factor for improving click rates.

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