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E-commerce: AI-based solution from Nexoya increases conversion rate by 60 percent for Omnicom Media Group customers

Based on the “Nexoya Marketing Analytics” tool, Omnicom Media Group designed an AI-driven e-commerce strategy for a client from the Fast Moving Consumer Goods segment.

Zurich and Berlin, August 3, 2022 – The result of the six-week digital advertising campaign: The Austrian client increased conversions for its cosmetic products by 60 percent with the new “OMG Performance Booster”. Omnicom Media Group Switzerland and Austria developed the campaign planning in a cross-national cooperation together with technology partner Nexoya. The platform of the start-up Nexoya optimizes marketing budgets of digital campaigns on the basis of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Over 35 digital advertising channels can be integrated.

The client’s brief to Omnicom Media Group: A skin care product for men was to be promoted with a special campaign for Father’s Day. The challenge was to significantly increase sales of these products through an e-commerce performance campaign. Everyday products like creams are available in every well-stocked retail store. This complicates the objective of generating conversions via direct online sales.

Nexoya algorithms calculate optimal budget allocation

The six-week digital advertising campaign was based on analyzing and predicting performance and then optimizing the budget for the various digital channels on a weekly basis. With the help of the AI-based optimization platform of the start-up Nexoya “nexoya Marketing Analytics”, the client can forecast the performance and automatically apply changes for an optimal use of the budget. The technical solution enabled the agency to optimize the campaign on the KPI “Add to cart” defined by the client. Conversions continued to increase each week as historical data was incorporated into each new optimization phase.

60 percent more shopping cart volume

“The targeted use of the ‘OMG Performance Booster’ optimized the budget across all planned digital channels, resulting in an even stronger focus on the customer KPI,” says Stefan Härtl, Director eCommerce at Omnicom Media Group Switzerland.

“At the end of the campaign, we were pleased to see a significant increase in conversions of almost 60 percent more shopping cart volume,” says Susanne Koll, CEO Omnicom Media Group Austria.

“The collaboration with Omnicom Media Group was a great success – in a very short time, our AI models enabled the client to significantly improve performance and conversions. This puts the client one step ahead of its competition,” says Marco Hochstrasser, co-founder and CEO Nexoya.

Integration of over 35 platforms

With the “OMG Performance Booster”, marketing teams can import data from over 35 major digital platforms, such as DV360 or Meta. This is because all Nexoya integrations are available to Omnicom Media Group customers. The advanced algorithms of the Nexoya platform analyze the data and play out the optimizations automatically. The learnings are transferable to future campaigns.

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With the help of the AI-based tool “Nexoya Marketing Analytics”, the customer can forecast the performance and automatically apply changes for an optimal use of the budget. (Graphic: Nexoya Ltd.)


About Nexoya

The startup Nexoya ltd, with its headquarter in Zürich, is since 2018 developing a platform for automatic analysis for digital marketing of mid- to large-size corporates – with high usability and high data privacy focus. Based on Machine Learning, the SaaS Platform “nexoya Marketing Analytics” optimizes multichannel marketing campaigns. It aggregates all relevant metrics out of various channels such as Google, Instagram, or Facebook, allowing you to have well-arranged reporting and monitoring of your KPIs. Based on the gathered data and thanks to Artificial Intelligence (Predictive Analytics), Nexoya optimizes your campaign budget thereafter. With that, it helps Marketing teams to reduce their operational efforts, simplify automated data-driven decisions and reduce your ad spend by up to 30%. Nexoya only gathers non-personalized data and is hosted strictly in certified data centers in Switzerland. Customers are well-known businesses such as Emmi Group, Generali, CSS, or the housing agency.

About Omnicom Media Group Schweiz

Omnicom Media Group Schweiz AG is the Swiss media holding company of Omnicom, a leading global communications, advertising and marketing services group. With OMD and PHD, it comprises two of the leading media agency brands in Switzerland and bundles various communication services. With around 100 employees, the two agencies of Omnicom Media Group Schweiz AG advise well-known, advertising companies in the areas of strategy, communication, media planning, media buying, optimization and research.

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