“nexoya Marketing Analytics” integrated into Microsoft Marketplace

The SaaS solution nexoya is now listed in the Azure Marketplace and Microsoft’s AppSource Marketplace. Customers of Microsoft Advertising can now optimize digital multi-channel marketing campaigns with the help of artificial intelligence.

Zurich and Berlin, October 20, 2021 – SaaS startup nexoya Ltd. is now a certified Microsoft partner. The SaaS solution for automated optimization of digital advertising campaigns is now listed in the Azure Marketplace and AppSource Marketplace. Azure Marketplace includes IT and developer solutions based on Azure or used within Azure subscriptions themselves. Companies can find numerous certified partner solutions here that they can integrate into their Microsoft environment. As of now, the “nexoya Marketing Analytics” solution is also available. Thanks to the integration of nexoya and Bing Ads/Microsoft Advertising, advertising campaigns in Bing can be optimized with nexoya.

The SaaS solution “nexoya Marketing Analytics” optimizes marketing campaigns based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Thanks to the partnership, Microsoft customers can read out and optimize their Bing advertising campaigns with nexoya’s solution. This allows them to assess the future performance of digital marketing efforts, optimize campaigns, and target budgets based on data-driven predictions. 

“This partnership is another milestone in nexoya’s history, enabling Microsoft Bing customers to easily optimize their cross-channel campaigns. By using artificial intelligence, nexoya reduces the operational effort required to optimize multi-channel digital marketing campaigns,” says Marco Hochstrasser, co-founder and CTO, nexoya.

Dynamic allocation of budgets improves ROAS.

The digital advertising landscape is complex and fast-moving. Many marketers struggle to aggregate data from multiple platforms and various channels to execute marketing activities across those channels. Often, marketing plans budget allocations for the various channels in advance, remaining static throughout the campaign lifecycle. This is not only inefficient but also prevents many opportunities to maximize campaign performance. In addition, marketers spend a lot of time creating and compiling data into manual reports – an error-prone process that doesn’t always result in clear, actionable insights. Through nexoya’s integration with Microsoft, Bing users receive a one-click analysis of information from a wide variety of sources. Including data from third-party systems such as a CRM system or exogenous factors such as weather data. 

Claudio Mirti, Senior Advanced Analytics, and AI Specialist EMEA, Microsoft, says: “We are delighted to welcome nexoya to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Partnering with nexoya enables marketers to easily analyze their data and deploy predictive analytics at the click of a button. The Azure Marketplace offers a wide selection of products from trusted partners like nexoya.”

nexoya collects data from all popular marketing platforms – such as Bing Ads, Google Ads, Facebook, or Mailchimp – and makes it possible to view all marketing information from a single source. With nexoya’s solution, it’s easy to create reports and track key metrics. Marketing thus gains actionable insights for their cross-channel marketing campaigns. Using proprietary AI algorithms, nexoya can optimize campaigns across channels, evaluating the data collected and suggesting the most profitable advertising budget allocation for each channel. This dynamic allocation improves return on ad spend (ROAS) by up to 30 percent per month.

More information

List of all nexoya integrations: www.nexoya.com/integrations

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The graphics are available for download in printable resolution: 

Microsoft Bing customers can read out their data with nexoya’s solution and process it together with the data collected there. Third-party systems such as CRM data or exogenous factors such as weather data are also taken into account. (Graphic: nexoya Ltd.) 

Download: www.nexoya.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/nexoya-Bing-Metrics-with-predictions.png

Based on historical performance, “nexoya Marketing Analytics” calculates how each asset will behave in the future. (Graphic: nexoya Ltd.) 

Download: www.nexoya.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/nexoya-Bing-Metrics-in-compare-with-Weather.png 

About nexoya
The startup Nexoya ltd with the headquarter in Zürich, is since 2018 developing a platform for automatic analysis for digital marketing of mid-to large size corporates – with high usability and high data privacy focus. On the basis of Machine Learning, the SaaS Platform “nexoya Marketing Analytics” optimizes multi-channel marketing campaigns. It aggregates all relevant metrics out of various channels such as google, instagram or facebook, allowing you to have well-arranged reporting and monitoring of your KPIs. On the basis of the gathered data and thanks to Artificial Intelligence (Predictive Analytics) nexoya optimizes your campaign budget thereafter. With that it helps Marketing teams to reduce their operational efforts, simplify automated data-driven decisions and reduce your ad-spend by up to 30%. Nexoya is only gathering non personalized data and is hosting strictly in certified datacenters in Switzerland. Customers are well-known businesses such as Emmi Group, Generali, CSS or the house agency. www.nexoya.com  

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Sabrina Ortmann, nexoya
Phone: +49 (0)30 54909240
E-Mail: press@nexoya.com 

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