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KPIs are the metrics that help to enhance, optimize and analyze marketing performance.

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ebook for data-driven marketers

This Marketing KPI handbook includes:

17 Marketing KPIs explained in detail and divided into corresponding customer journey stages.

How to choose the right KPIs for tracking.

Customer Journey & Marketing Funnel explained.

Common variations of KPIs and KPI formulas.

Tips on how to become more data-driven.

This Marketing KPI book is designed for:

  • Beginners in Digital Marketing
  • Marketing students
  • Marketers that want to widen their knowledge
  • All-rounder Marketers

How can this Marketing KPI handbook help you?

Thanks to KPIs, Marketers can efficiently measure the performance of their marketing campaigns. Understanding each KPI definition, usage and combination with other KPIs can help marketers to be more data-driven and act upon the data. Especially with the growing amount of channels as an example, the definition of a “click” can vary. By better measuring your KPIs, you identify those parts that might be responsible for losses or inefficiencies. 

Therefore, it is crucial to understand which KPIs to track and look at and what it means. Nevertheless, marketing is a wide-spread discipline that is characterized by the vast diversity of various KPIs. You’ll find also information about how an Impression is a difference in Google and Facebook to really understand what you measure and compare.

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