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Become a member of nexoya’s referral program!

Are you a happy nexoya customer? Or just a great promoter? Refer nexoya and get rewarded for it.

How it works

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    Do you enjoy nexoya? Do you have friends or a community that would benefit from nexoya’s tool? Our goal is to build the best marketing analytics tool and help happy customers and friends share their excitement and experiences with others. Signing up is easy – you just need to fill out the form.

  • Refer nexoya

    Once you have signed up, nexoya’s team will contact you and provide you with all the necessary details. As a referrer, you’ll earn rewards every time someone you refer signs up for an interview, book a demo or become new happy customers.

  • Earn rewards

    From a simple thank you, to planting a tree, or a 10% commission of ARR of a new happy customer, the choice is yours.

Start referring now and help nexoya grow

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