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Campaign Optimization

With nexoya’s marketing campaign optimization feature, users can plan their marketing campaigns on one single platform and get predictions regarding how likely their marketing campaigns are to reach set targets.

Moreover, users can make adjustments to their ongoing campaigns in order to improve the likelihood of achieving goals. Furthermore, machine learning technology from nexoya enables the correct allocation of the budget across various marketing channels.


You can create cross-channel marketing campaigns, which allows for a more holistic overview of the marketing performance and gives you the actual status of an active campaign.

Budget Planning

When it comes to campaign optimization, a crucial component of it is the allocation and tracking of ad spend and the remaining budget.


Nexoya’s machine learning technology optimizes cross-channel campaigns according to ad spendings through the analysis of industry trends, third-party factors and outside influences.

Predictive Analytics

The possibility of applying predictive analytics to KPIs across channels will help marketers to adjust and optimize their marketing campaigns for better results. Predictive analytics in nexoya consists of three main parts.

Anomaly Detection

The favoured KPIs are tracked on anomalies. These can have a positive or negative impact on the business. Through early notification and action, the marketer can use the information to their advantage and stay competitive.


The nexoya tool shows predictions on individual metrics or KPIs and on the likelihood of success of set campaign goals.


The correlation feature allows marketers to find new associations between metrics and KPIs. It allows the user to find gaps and discover new opportunities.


The nexoya reporting feature allows the user to create cross-channel reports. Therefore, the user can create tailor-made reports and save a lot of time without the hassle of manual data aggregation across various marketing tools.

Custom KPI Reports

The nexoya tool allows you to create KPIs out of the data on the nexoya platform to your specific needs, which enables you to customize reports to match your company's standards and save time as well as effort within regular reporting.

Campaign Reports

For better performance analysis of different campaigns, you can compare campaigns with each other and therefore gain faster insights into the effects and outcomes of your marketing efforts.

Metric and KPI Reports

To make reporting a better experience, the nexoya tool makes it possible to create reports and export them as Excel files or as PDFs. You can create reports out of various metrics and KPIs and compare them.

Why nexoya?

Save Resources

Skip the labour-intensive and error-prone manual data aggregation and processing. Nexoya Reporting collects the KPIs and metrics from all your integrated marketing tools automatically.

Better Decision-Making

Make better unbiased decisions based on the latest data, thanks to the easy and intuitiv visualization of the Nexoya Reporting that gives you a complete performance overview over all your marketing tools.


Be one step ahead of your competition with real-time detection of changes and irregularities in your KPIs and with the AI backed prediction of the future development of your KPIs and Campaigns.


Foster better collaboration within your team, by sharing reports and put comments for important events into your report. This allows a new level of transparency for data analytics within your team.


nexoya supports you on every step on your way to become
a data-driven marketing expert.

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