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Which way to choose – Traditional or Nexoya?

Compare Nexoya with in-house marketing tactics. Find out what is best for you!

Nexoya -New way of managing marketing processes

When it comes to modern digital marketing management, multiple marketing channels, tools and tactics play an essential role in reaching the overall goal. Therefore, marketing managers are constantly looking for ways to improve and enhance the processes involved in achieving the goals.

SaaS solution providers for marketing departments are countless, but understanding their real benefits is often challenging. Therefore, we have prepared these visuals to demonstrate how Nexoya’s algorithm works and how it could bring your marketing to the next level.

Table 1.  Benefits of using Nexoya

To better understand how you can benefit from Nexoya, we have provided you with this simple visual. Below you can see how you can elevate your overall marketing management with Nexoya.

Table 2. Marketing tasks comparison – With and without Nexoya

Modern marketing involves various channels, strategies, and tactics. Marketing activities ought to be well-planned and monitored to achieve successful performance across marketing channels. With all of the intricacies involved, executing and analyzing marketing campaigns require a lot of time.

The table below shows how these essential marketing tasks are carried out withNexoya and without Nexoya.

Learn more about these solutions provided by Nexoya:

Reporting in marketing

Reporting is time consuming and error-prone. As a result, occasionally, important KPIs can be missed out. Thanks to nexoya’s marketing reports, marketers can understand and carry out their efforts more efficiently. Read more here.

Campaign Optimization

Optimization of marketing campaigns ensures wiser investment and better return on ad spend (ROAS). By optimizing campaigns continuously, marketers are able to manage their budgets smartly and get more out of their campaigns. Read more here.

Budget allocation

Budget allocation allows marketers to maximize performance across multiple campaigns. This is an important marketing tactic that helps allocate budgets optimally across ad sets or campaigns while minimizing cost per action or maximizing return on ad spend. Read more here.


The analysis of marketing data supports marketers in making wiser decisions. By finding and analyzing specific patterns in data, marketers can meet their targets more effectively. Read more here.

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