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We aim to deliver a platform that helps our customers to enhance their marketing performance with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. As we know that artificial intelligence and machine learning can seem to be very abstract, we have put together the thoughts of the nexoya customers and created this page. We hope that the topic of machine learning and artificial intelligence becomes less abstract and in general more understandable how nexoya can help you to become a more data-driven marketer.

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What our customers think

  • "nexoya helped us tremendously to optimize our campaign during the run up to the Campaigning Summit Switzerland. Their dashboard provided all the information and date we needed, perfectly visualized and allowing us to set realistic goals und derive our actions from there."

    Peter Metzinger
  • "nexoya is a great tool, not only aggregating a lot of relevant KPIs across a wide selection of online platforms but also analyzing anomalies. As previous mentioned there is also a great and helpful team behind the tool."

    Christian Lüdi
  • "Dynamic team of professionals! Keep it up :)."

    Deborah Santoro
  • "nexoya will open up new opportunities for the marketing teams of small and medium-sized companies to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning without hiring a Data Scientist —this is a great chance for them."

    Dr. Markus Meierer Chair for Marketing & Market Research at Uni Zurich
  • "nexoya is a very useful tool which helped us to understand our online marketing activities better. Excellent customer support and a very dedicated and helpful team. Can highly recommend it to anyone."

    Benedict Frauen
  • "Finally an efficient tool for everyone who needs a professional overview of their online marketing activities. The relevant KPIs and budgets can be clearly defined and tracked. And the support is great!"

    Christian Dietrich
  • "Thanks to nexoya, we will offer our customers real-time KPI reporting and full transparency on their marketing campaigns. Additionally, we will get a powerful predictive analytics tool to help us do marketing analytics on a totally different level than before."

    Ben Klein CEO Bee Inbound
  • "A useful tool in regards marketing monitoring, reporting and prediction. And very nice and powerful team"!

    Sophie Hundertmark
  • "It is a great approach and tool to easily correlate all your digital marketing channels in one place! And furthermore, with nexoya you can profit of AI power to support your marketing activities!"

    Martin Gerber
  • "nexoya is a great tool for companies that want to try out different digital marketing activities and see their effect and predictions in one single place. Very friendly and responsive team, that takes time to guide you through the entire process and helps at every step along the way."

    Johanna Bohnert
  • "With the help of nexoya, we will have our Digital Marketing metrics in one place and can benefit from the insights of nexoya’s analytics — big help to boost data-driven decision-making processes for our marketing team!"

    Michael Hollauf CEO & Co-Founder of MeisterLabs

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AdUnit - Case Study

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