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SKO Success Story: a holistic view across multiple channels

SKO is the Swiss non-profit management organization that is also known as the largest industry-independent network in Switzerland, supporting people in their professional careers. 

SKO accompanies its members on their career path and protects their economic, political, and social interests.

At the moment this network consists of over 10,000 members and corporate partners. 

SKO provides the following services to their members:

  • Legal advice and coaching on management and career issues
  • Mentoring and further training/education
  • Organization of regular networking events
  • Provision of guidebooks and learning materials for members
  • Special offers from their corporate partners (Health insurance, financial products)

A Short Overview of SKO

  • Founded in 1893
  • Over 10,000 members
  • Offices: Zürich and Lausanne
  • Official website:
  • In 2009 SKO became a full member of CEC European Managers

Time-consuming Reporting and Data Analysis

Having members throughout Switzerland and the ambition to grow their network continuously, SKO is used to manage various marketing channels and set up campaigns in three different languages. 

However, with the company’s growth, it became more challenging to track different campaigns’ performance and behavior of marketing KPIs across multiple channels. Moreover, it became harder to coordinate marketing activities within three language regions. 

In order to analyze the data and create reports the company was manually preparing and aggregating all the data from channels. As a result, reports made in excel could not provide a holistic view of the company’ overall performance and took a lot of time to create. The overall cost of getting a holistic view of marketing efforts was increasing, while it was still challenging to get more insights into the data collected and define what campaigns bring the most value. Additionally, the ambition to leverage modern techniques such as artificial intelligence for monitoring or correlation analysis, looked like far away from the day-to-day problems.

As a result, it made it harder for the company to analyze and plan marketing campaigns, and, therefore, made it challenging to make informed decisions about their future marketing strategy. 

The company was facing the following challenges:

  • The time-consuming process of the data aggregation and reports creation
  • Regular monitoring of all relevant marketing metrics required a lot of time 
  • Inability to get an overview across multiple channels and languages 
  • Difficulties with data analysis and interpretation: hard to define if paid and organic activities are working 
  • No clear path to incorporate more sophisticated methods for analysis, such as predictive analytics

SKO needed a fast and easy solution that would allow them to get a holistic overview across all of their channels and multi-language campaigns and to easily create accurate reports as well as get constant monitoring of their marketing metrics with access for the entire marketing team.

Fast and Easy Marketing Reporting with the nexoya Platform

Nexoya was the perfect match! After a short onboarding process, the nexoya platform was successfully integrated with all the tools SKO uses. 

The nexoya platform allows SKO to aggregate their data, automate their reporting process, and simplify the monitoring and alerting of KPIs. Additionally, features such as the creation of customer-specific KPIs allows the team to customize the tool to the marketing structure and create their indices for measuring success. This feature allowed SKO to easily track different campaign performance across channels in both regions. From now on, SKO can easily get access to all their metrics and start analyzing them with a few clicks and even corporate predictive analytic functionalities with the touch of a button.

“Creating reports manually took us hours – with nexoya we see the reports with one click, and are automatically notified of any noticeable changes!”


Jeannette Häsler Daffré, Head of Communication and Member of the Executive Board at SKO

Moreover, nexoya’s Marketing Funnel feature allows SKO to visualize their progress and get a holistic view of their overall performance.

In addition to regular standard reports, SKO is now getting informed about any abnormal behavior of its metrics such as significant positive or negative changes. Nexoya enabled SKO to introduce automated marketing monitoring to detect surprising effects automatically. Moreover, thanks to Anomaly detection algorithms SKO is now regularly getting updates regarding the detected trends, significant patterns, and potential seasonality in KPI behaviors.

What Are the Main Gains for SKO?

  • A holistic view of marketing efforts across multiple channels with a platform that aggregates all the data, activities, and possible learnings in one place
  • Reporting methods with KPI and funnel reports, that save time and energy, leaving room to focus on the implementation of strategies
  • Continuous monitoring of KPIs and predictive analytics for important campaigns 
  • Monthly business review sessions with nexoya’s customer success team
  • Regular competitor analysis reports

It was important for SKO to optimize its marketing operations and, more specifically, the way they track and monitor their KPIs. It was especially important to have a tool that allows for the creation of customer-specific KPIs and at the same time leverages modern artificial intelligence methods for prediction and optimization. 

For SKO this means no more expensive, tedious, and error-prone manual data-gathering and calculations of their marketing metrics in Excel.

“The nexoya platform allows us not just to have a holistic view, but furthermore to see trends in our data and act on them before the business is impacted thanks to modern AI technologies.”


Jeannette Häsler Daffré, Head of Communication and Member of the Executive Board at SKO




Industry-independent network


Zürich and Lausanne


Over 10,000 members


Non-profit management organization

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