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Feldschlösschen’s Success Story: Centralized Reporting & Funnel Optimization

A short overview of Feldschlösschen

Founded in 1876, Feldschlösschen is one of the leading Swiss beverage and brewing companies. Nowadays, the company owns the biggest brewery in Switzerland by production – the Feldschlösschen Brewery.

Widely known for its beer, the company also produces non-alcoholic beverages and mineral waters. 

Originally founded in Switzerland, the Feldschlösschen brand continues to grow. In 1991 the company acquired Cardinal, another Swiss brand of beer, and later, in 2000, Feldschlösschen became a part of the Carlsberg Group. 

Looking for transparency and centralized reporting

Being responsible for the success of multiple brands and sub-brands, the Feldschlösschen justDrink team is used to running numerous paid and non-paid marketing campaigns simultaneously.  To stay competitive and maintain high brand awareness, the company actively uses many marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Display or Google Search to promote its products. 

Due to vast volumes of data distributed across multiple channels and with numerous partners involved, the monitoring, which often took a significant amount of time, was done independently per campaign, channel and media agency. As a result, the team ended up with multiple disconnected reports which were delivered not in real time, could not be compared and therefore were challenging to analyze. This made it difficult to see the full picture and adequately assess the performance of each campaign.

Moreover, the Feldschlösschen justDrink team struggled to get a holistic view of the overall performance. Vast volumes of decentralized data made it hard to visualize the actual marketing funnel performance for each of their brands. Thus, without understanding their data, the team could not estimate the potential bottlenecks and optimize their existing campaigns.

Manfred Weiss, Head of Digital at Feldschlösschen, realized that the existing approach with decentralized and non-real time reporting and data-driven overview was far from optimal and mainly resulted in lost opportunities. To nurture a greater competitive advantage and maintain a leading position in the market, the company needed a solution that could help them get more insights into their data, enable centralized reporting, get a holistic overview of their funnel performance and allow them to use modern techniques such as predictions or monitoring over all their channels. 

“We were looking for an AI-based solution that allows us not only to bring all our data together but also estimate the actual effectiveness of  our justDrink Marketing efforts.”

Manfred Weiss, Head of Digital at Feldschlösschen

Knowing how time-consuming a real-time multi-channel monitoring and reporting was for the team, it was clear that the company needed an AI-driven solution that could easily automate these processes.  

Key challenges:

  1. No holistic overview across the company’s brands’ campaign performance
  2. Decentralized and non-real time reporting 
  3. Vast amount of data that cannot be analyzed manually
  4. No clear view on the marketing funnel for justDrink 
  5. No data-driven predictions or prescriptions on what to do next

Centralized reporting and optimized lower funnel with nexoya

After examining and comparing existing market solutions, the Feldschlösschen team focused its attention on nexoya and decided to try out the AI-driven tool on their e-commerce brand,  It did not take long to see the results!

After a smooth integration of all the paid and non-paid marketing channels and tools, nexoya helped Feldschlösschen aggregate all their data for the brand in one place and start analyzing them with AI. 

From now on, all team members could easily access the real-time data derived from all their marketing channels. Thanks to nexoya’s AI algorithm, the team could now: 

  • create customized reports for each campaign, 
  • get a holistic view of the overall performance of the online shop justDrink,
  • predict the outcome of certain marketing activities, and 
  • monitor their most relevant KPIs constantly.

Thanks to the funnel view, nexoya allowed Feldschlösschen to visualize their data better and significantly optimize their funnel performance for the brand and even predict the outcome of their funnel. So, starting now, the Feldschlösschen justDrink team could better understand their data and start using it to their advantage. 

“Thanks to nexoya, we continuously get more insights into our data. Overall, it allows us to significantly optimize our lower funnel and be three times faster with data analysis and reporting.”

Manfred Weiss, Head of Digital at Feldschlösschen

In addition to centralized reporting, the justDrink team started to get regular updates regarding the trends in their data and notifications of abnormal KPI behavior. As a result, these updates allowed the team to become more data-driven and optimize their marketing strategy. 

On top of that, thanks to nexoya’s weather integration and correlation feature, the Feldschlösschen justDrink – Team could now get more valuable insights into their data. For example, the team was excited to discover how cloudy weather impacts the overall demand for beers. As a result, the team could take this information into account for planning their next campaigns.

Every month, the Feldschlösschen marketing team had an opportunity to discuss the results, data trends, and further steps during the regular business review meetings with nexoya’s customer success team.

Key benefits:

  1. Centralized & easy reporting 
  2. Ability to visualize and predict marketing funnel per campaign & brand
  3. Holistic overview across multiple channels
  4. Optimized lower funnel
  5. Predictive analytics & monitoring of KPIs with anomaly detection
  6. Correlation analysis
  7. Data-driven decisions

What’s next?

Thanks to nexoya, the Feldschlösschen team can now better understand the KPI behavior and optimize their performance. Already after the first months of collaboration, Manfred Weiss realized that it was the right decision to join the nexoya-family.

“Nexoya allowed us to optimize our reporting processes and make real use out of our data! We are excited to see how the tool develops and looking forward to trying out new upcoming features and AI models.”

Manfred Weiss, Head of Digital at Feldschlösschen


Feldschlösschen - part of the Carlsberg Group




Rheinfelden, Switzerland


1200 employees



Integrated marketing channels

Facebook, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, YouTube, Twitter, Google Ads, Instagram, Google Search Console, Xandr

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