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Emmi’s Success Story with SAP and nexoya

The Emmi Group is a major Swiss milk processor based in Lucerne. The Emmi Group has 25 production facilities in Switzerland. Outside Switzerland, the company has subsidiaries in 14 countries, with production facilities in seven of them. Sales of CHF 3.5 billion are divided equally between Switzerland and abroad. While almost two-thirds of the approximately 7,800 employees are now employed at locations outside Switzerland.

In this case study, nexoya together with SAP shows how better decisions can be made on the basis of aggregated marketing KPIs and with the help of artificial intelligence.

Emmi Group wanted an in-depth analysis of the impact of its marketing activities on its end customers.

Emmi Group decided to use nexoya and the SAP Marketing Cloud to analyze the influence of marketing activities. For example, how E-mail campaigns or social media activities have an impact on marketing performance. To understand these dynamics, Emmi Group decided to collect and analyse KPIs from various marketing channels and sources. These findings helped to understand the success of campaigns and thus facilitate data-based decision-making.

With the SAP® Marketing Cloud solution and the AI marketing analytics tool from nexoya Ltd., Emmi Group was able to:

  • Integrate data from the SAP Marketing Cloud easily and quickly into nexoya.
  • Analyze digital marketing KPIs across multiple channels.
  • Gain insight into the influence of external factors on marketing performance, such as weather.
  • Use artificial intelligence to detect noticeable positive and negative anomalies.
  • Use predictive analysis to predict the success of cross-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Correlation of different data sources of digital marketing.
  • Support decision-making to optimise budget allocation.
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“With SAP Marketing Cloud and nexoya, we can assess marketing activities across various channels and make data-driven decisions about our future digital experience strategy.”

Marcel Härtlein, Global Head Digital Transformation, Emmi Group

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