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AdUnit’s Success Story: State-of-the-art monitoring in performance marketing

AdUnit is an advertising and marketing agency & platform, which helps customers to easily publish their assets on various channels. The company has been focused on performance marketing since the beginning.

With its headquarters in Zürich and the 14 employees, AdUnit is an agency that enables everyone to be programmatic.

Short overview of AdUnit

  • Advertising service & marketing software agency
  • Founded July 2017
  • 100% subsidiary company of Swisscom
  • Headquarters located in Zürich, Switzerland

Growing costs and complexity of tracking campaign performance

With the steady growth of customers in the advertising business, AdUnits marketing operations became more costly and it became harder to continue to monitor and optimize the high amount of campaigns daily.

Furthermore, figuring out which of the hundreds of simultaneously running campaigns was performing well or not as well as anticipating large movements within the campaign’s lifecycle, demands a large amount of staff, which further increases cost.

AdUnit, therefore, was looking for a solution which would help them to support their Marketing operations and ideally would be integrated into their operational system. The goal was to reduce complexity, have a more efficient way of operating their marketing operations as well as give more insights for their end-customers on how their campaigns are performing.

Optimize operations with Campaign Predictions and proactive KPI monitoring

The importance for AdUnit to find a solution that would optimize the campaign operations with the possibility to predict campaigns as well as concurrently monitor the KPIs within these campaigns proactively was very high.

The service offered by nexoya covers both of these key factors. Namely through gathering all the existing data from various different sources in one place (such as Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Salesforce etc.) as well as through the proactive campaign prediction. AdUnit was able to easily determine which campaigns were performing well and which would need more finetuning and optimization going forward.

Additionally, to the campaign prediction and optimization, nexoya tracks all important KPIs and informs AdUnit if something surprising or out of the norm is happening, such as an immediate drop in a CTR or a jump of CPM on a certain campaign.

“We are now able to optimize campaigns significantly better, knowing that the nexoya AI model is keeping an eye on all our metrics, allows us to focus on other important aspects of the business.”


What are the Main Gains for AdUnit?

For AdUnit the implementation of nexoya first and foremost means a reduction of costs in their marketing operations. Especially with the assistance of the AI model, the monitoring and prediction of hundreds of campaigns and KPIs is now less error prone and fully automated in comparison to the manual tedious human driven monitoring.

With the additional notification, the AdUnit team is directly informed of surprising behaviour and can act on changes timely.

„Thanks to nexoya we have been able to reduce the manual operational expenditure significantly and at the same time provide more insights for our customers. This enabled us to reallocate resources to reaching our vision of bringing programmatic solutions to companies of different scales. ”


The main benefits for AdUnit with the nexoya platform are:

  • Managing the campaign operation through automated processes instead of increasing FTE costs
  • Proactive monitoring of KPIs
  • Advice and suggestions on the overall marketing performance
  • Alerts on surprising behaviour in the data
  • More insights for their end-customers on how campaigns do perform

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