According to Forbes, Black Friday’s online sales represented $9.03 billion in 2020, whereas in 2019 it was $7.4 billion. Chances are super high, that you are aware of blackfriday already as a consumer and marketer. 

As a business, you should see two things on these days: opportunity and strategy. 

Many business owners see the 4th quarter of the year as their chance to increase their sales, but how do you stand out with such intense competition? Luckily, you can bet on other special days and holidays to achieve an astonishing number of conversions and surprise your customer. 

Most marketers are not aware about  the wide variety of special days and events in a year which might be helpful to drive your performance and conversions.

How great would it be if we all had a tool reminding us of the upcoming special days? But it also gives us advice on how to capitalize on each and every opportunity? 

You can bet nexoya already has a solution to help you get through the year like a boss! Let us introduce you to:, your marketing special day reminder!

Advantage of timely marketing campaigns

Consumers are shopping more and spending more money, which means marketers must strategize to engage with their audience before their competition does. Businesses have to plan their marketing strategy, as holidays and special marketing days have proved to:

  • Attract attention & increase visibility
  • Boost conversions and revenue
  • Increase chances of converting a one-time customer into a loyal customer

We noticed that there is actually no shortage of holidays that can be leveraged throughout the year. Linking your marketing campaigns to timely holiday promotions can increase brand awareness and sales, your ROI, and customer satisfaction. 

A simple tool to maximize your marketing efforts

To save you some time, we put together a super simple holiday calendar with all the e-commerce, social media, official and unofficial holidays. And on top of that, we provide you with custom advice to make each year your most profitable year. From SEO to SEM and simple ideas, we got you covered for the whole year.

Time is the most important commodity. That is why was conceived with an essential criterion: simplicity. These recurring reminders help marketers focus on what’s at hand without an extra hand. 

More than just a reminder

With you will:

  • See the upcoming special days
  • Receive notifications before each one of them
  • Get actionable advice
  • It is free and will always be. is a reminder tool which sends reminders via emails. Email notifications and a clear overview of all upcoming holidays also allow marketers to plan their communication strategy effectively. will keep marketers in the loop of all the upcoming events.

Every holiday or event is an opportunity to build your brand awareness and drive sales, so use it to your advantage. However, you need to start preparing your special days marketing campaigns ahead of time, which is why you’ll get reminders four weeks before the day happens.

Once you are on the homepage, you can start working on the game plan for holidays and dates relevant to your brand. Timing, creativity, and personalization go a long way in building relationships with your audience. Be spontaneous and playful with your campaigns!

Get more done, in less time

Reminders are sent by email 4 weeks before an event starts. displays events, holidays, or any other scheduled event for the coming years in an attractive list format on the homepage. 

Sign up for free to find out how you can maximize your marketing efforts.

Boost your reach with special days

✔ See the upcoming special days
✔ Receive notifications before each special day
✔ Get actionable advice each and everytime
✔ It is free and will always be

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